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Features of industrial Marble?

Features of industrial Marble?

GoldStone® is a solid surface that has several physical, chemical and mechanical properties that makes it the prime choice in many applications in the household and public buildings, such as hospitals, banks, offices, restaurants, commercial malls.. etc.
One of the most important properties of GoldStone® solid surfaces are as follows:

I. GoldStone® solid surfaces are healthy in food preparation areas such as kitchens, restaurants, hotels … etc. as its surface is non-porous thus preventing growth of mildew and bacteria. In addition to the fact that the surfaces are almost impermeable, easy to clean and without seams or joints that allow accumulation of dirt. The sealing materials used are made from the same material that renders uniformity and one unit appearance. Such features make it the most suitable for use in hospitals and medical centers (reception counters, nursing stations, service and washing basins).

II. GoldStone® surfaces are stain resistant to the most of chemicals used in common life. It is compliant in this regard with the Saudi standards and can be used in school labs, clinics … etc.

III. GoldStone® surfaces are liable for maintenance, restoration and remodeling either as a result of misuse or consequent of moving the product from one place to another.

IV. GoldStone® surfaces are fire resistant as it contains flame retardant material aluminum hydroxide.

V. GoldStone® surfaces have exceptional physical properties as to hardness, durability and ease of modeling. Moreover, it has a light-weight compared to natural marble as its specific weight is in average 1.75 g/cm3 and may be efficiently used at a thickness of 12 mm in horizontal applications and 6 mm thick for vertical applications, that makes it even more efficient (greater thickness may evidently be used as per customer’s demand).