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Al-Badaha Company for Modern Industries Ltd. (BCMI) is a Saudi-Canadian investment company incorporated in 1421A.H. – 2000A.D. The Company started as a factory for manufacturing solid surfaces only, yet it developed to own several brands in several industries, one of the most important of these brands is "Gold Stone" which is one of the most famous brands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of artificial marble.

The company started with 8 staffs only and grew to exceed 500 male and female employees.

The operation started with one manufacturing and installation technician and one truck, nowadays the company owns a fleet composed of over 30 manufacturing and installation teams of top-notch skills.
The company started with a single location--, yet it expanded to operate from more than 10 locations inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad that include factories, warehouses, and showrooms of a total area of more than 120,000 m2.

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Al-Badaha Company started by manufacturing solid surfaces (artificial marble), then it developed to manufacturing raw materials for solid surfaces, the most predominant of which are: unsaturated resins and industrial colorants (pigment).

As we in (BCMI) highly believe in the Saudization Project and the importance of supporting our national talents, therefor Al-Badaha Company participated in training many Saudi talents who have been trained and distributed in the company's various departments, recently the number of our national staffs reached to more than seventy Saudi employees.

The corporate head office is located in Jeddah city and consists of the General Administration and the main factory for the production of solid surfaces and quality laboratories. In order to serve our customers in an integrated manner by fulfilling their requests and design, manufacture, and deliver according to their wishes, several branches have been opened in various parts of the Kingdom, the most predominant of which are Riyadh Branch and Khamis Mushait city Branch. In addition to our agents in various regions of the Kingdom, we also have sales outlets in the following countries: UAE, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman, Jordan & Turkey.