Customer Service

Who is BCMI?

Al-Badaha Company for Modern Industries Ltd. (BCMI) is a Saudi-Canadian investment company incorporated in 1421A.H. – 2000A.D. The Company started as a factory for manufacturing solid surfaces only, yet it developed to own several brands in several industries, one of the most important of these brands is "Gold Stone ®" which is one of the most famous brands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of artificial marble.

What is Industrial Marble and what are its features?

It is an alternative product to natural marble, and it is characterized by its durability and strength, the thing which ensures it's resistance to breakage. It is also known as a practical product, available in a wide range of colors that satisfy all tastes, in addition to that it is been the product of choice by many health authorities as it is considered an environmentally friendly product.

Is there a guarantee?

- 10-year Warranty for solid surfaces installed at home, offices and shops.
- 3-years Warranty for solid surfaces installed at hotels and restaurants.
- One year warranty for solid surfaces installed at schools, hospitals and projects.

How can I use it and maintain it?

- It is advised to use soap and water, provide a solution of diluted ammonia and wipe with a cloth dampened with the solution, then rinse with water and dry well.
- Avoid using sharp scraping tools.
- We recommend that the water be drained completely and then dried well to prevent the phenomenon of calcification caused by water
- To remove stubborn stains, stronger detergents can be used to deal with it or spray the bleaching powder and leave it for several minutes before wiping its traces with a soft cloth in a circular motion and rinse with water and dry the area completely and well.
- To protect from damage, we recommend that you do not place the frying pan or cooking utensils directly after removing it from the stove on the surface.

What are your products?

- Kitchens
- Counters
- Basins’ Decoration
- Wall cladding & columns.

What is the difference between natural marble and industrial marble

Artificial marble is a material similar in shape to natural marble, and this type of marble is specially manufactured to avoid the drawbacks that you may find in natural marble, and one of the most important of these negatives is that natural marble may change its color or be subject to breakage or shrinkage, as for the method of manufacturing this The type of marble is done by mixing some chemicals such as polyester resin and other materials, taking care to be in certain proportions, and this type of marble is used in bathroom and toilet fixtures as well as kitchens and some decorative requirements

Where is the company's marble manufactured?

Al-Badaha Company is proud that its products are 100% national, as Al-Badhaa Company owns one of the largest industrial marble factories in the Middle East within the company's industrial complex in Asfan Industrial Area - Makkah Al-Mukarramah Region

Is the industrial marble removable and portable?

Yes, you can. You can contact us to provide a marble transfer request service

What is the percentage of its moisture absorption, and can it be put in washrooms?

Yes, as the product is highly recommended for service uses, as it is an excellent choice for lovers of different colors and brightness