Why Gold Stone®

It is the most famous industrial marble product in the Kingdom and it is the most outstanding brand of Al-Badaha Company, commensurate with the global requirements of the solid surfaces used in many fields in order to achieve high resistance against most of the physical effects and commonly used chemical agents. Gold Stone ® is a solid surface with many physical, chemical, and mechanical properties that make it the first choice in many ways inside homes and in public buildings such as hospitals, banks, offices, restaurants, and shopping centers.

Gold Stone® Features :

1- Gold Stone® surfaces are Hygienic to be used at dining and food preparation areas such as kitchens, restaurants, hotels, etc. as its surface is nonporous thus preventing the growth of mildew and bacteria, it is also non-absorbent and easy to clean, and the welds used in it are of the same component material making it without seams or joints that allows accumulation of dirt and making the surface a cohesive unit, Such features makes it the most suitable for use in hospitals and medical centers (reception counters, nursing stations, service, and washing basins).

2- Gold Stone® surfaces are resistant to stains and most chemicals used in common life. It is compliant in this regard with KSA standards and can be used in school labs, clinics ... etc.

3- Gold Stone ®surfaces are amenable to maintenance, restoration and remodeling either as a result of misuse or consequent of moving the product from one place to another.

4- Gold Stone® surfaces are fire resistance (non-flammable), as it contains flame-damping aluminum hydroxide.

5- Goldstone® surfaces have exceptional physical properties in terms of strength, durability, and modeling flexibility. It is also lighter in weight when compared to natural marble materials. As its average specific weight is about 1.75 g/cm3, and may be efficiently used at a thickness of 12 mm in horizontal applications and 6 mm thick for vertical applications, the thing which makes it even more efficient (various thicknesses are available upon customer’s request).

6- Finally, one of the best features of Gold Stone surfaces is its diverse range of options offered to the customer, which makes it suitable to be used in various interior design applications such as kitchens, bathrooms, or incorporated with other pieces of furniture or even with lighting, swimming pools, etc.